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I had mixed feelings about today.

I liked Stefano's scenes with John today. I found it funny that both John and Stefano wanted everybody out. I actually liked all of John's scenes, worrying about Marlena, telling Bo Marlena was most important, his frustration at the end.

I liked EJ. He's really got me interested. He watches, assesses the situation, and approaches things rationally. He may be a better match for Stefano than John or Tony.

I also liked Steve's scenes. Nice scene with Hope, going after Stefano (wish Bo had let him go), and being furious at Stefano getting off. (I only wish he'd decked Roman, oh well).

But Stefano getting off was ludicrous. He kept John locked up in a basement brainwashing him to kill his mother, but since he raised John from the dead, the DA doesn't want to bring charges???? You gotta be kidding me. I find it hard to believe the DA could be bought by Stefano when John is a pretty powerful force as well.

Marlena seemed all but dead. I keep wondering if they were intentionally showing her all worn out, but after her 'taking charge of my life' personna Friday, it didn't make sense to me.

Roman is just so insanely boring, I can't stand to see him on the screen.

Morgan and Phillip are just annoying to watch. She's actually making me dislike Phil - a crime!

Stax is a waste of time.

This seems like Higley being back... Waffling back and forth no direction. I'm worried.
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