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I'm really concerned with the way they jumped the Hollingsworth story forward with no explanation. What happened between the episode where Morgan saw Paul outside the Brady Pub (which was a very good scene) and today (which was kind of a mess)? I felt like I'd missed an episode. And the scene at the beginning of the show with Philip and some guy he paid off--was the guy following Morgan or what? It wasn't very clear; I just assumed he had been following Morgan since she accused Philip of having done it. That seems stupid, too, since Philip has been trying to get all cozy with her.

As for the Salem PD, Hope is really the only one with a fully functioning brain...they should put her in charge. Everyone else just flies off the handle and throws around accusations. I didn't hear anyone mention any real evidence against Stefano so how do they think the DA could make a case against him? Why doesn't someone actually investigate and come up with real evidence? And why is Roman still around?

I thought today's episode had a very disjointed feel to it, especially compared to last week, which was very good for the most part. The direction was bad, the scenes were disorganized...it was messy. And this autism storyline is boring and doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the show. As for Lexie, she's Chief of Staff, which is largely an administrative position, right? What's she doing switching shifts with other doctors and treating patients all day long?

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