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Sep 2 2008, 07:08 PM
Sep 2 2008, 05:51 PM
Thanks Angie. I bet the Lexie thing is just to compound the issues she's having with Theo. It's such a formulaic story... Lexie's having trouble at home, so her position at the hospital is affected. What's funny about this is that given Lexie's history, she shouldn't even be Chief of Staff in the first place!! But I bet all of that's going to be completely ignored, while "problems at home" is what finally does her in. :eyeroll:
Thank you! It has always bothered me that Lexie is magically Chief of Staff. How the heck she changed from cop to doctor is ridiculous to begin with, but then to get Chief of Staff, especially after her history with Sami/Carrie. I tend to go with the flow in soaps, particularly Days, but for crying out loud, that was a complete 'in your face' insult to our intelligence.
LMAO-- I forgot about that cop to doc to Chief of Staff-eroo.

Well, what with all the endless back from the death characters, it's not a bad gig. Wonder what her malpractice rates would be? Haha!

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