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Sep 3 2008, 02:30 AM
I'm not saying Higley is good. However, as much as I enjoyed today, you could tell something was up. In fact, I've sensed that for two weeks now. All the stories Dena had going, which were picking up big time as the Olympics approaches, are being wrapped up. Chan is done and the Kate stuff is out, the Paul story ended in like 3 episodes, John got over Ava at lightning speed, and the Trent stuff is winding down and that story got barely any focus after Stax was forced on us big time in June. I think this is the point where Dena got upset and left. She tuned in and saw Ed ending her stuff and, as much as I don't like her, I can't say I blame her. I know I'm in the minority but her stories were getting good before the Olympics. I do think alot of the inconsistent direction is due to the power struggle. Call Higley what you want but having watched her first Days stint, her whole OLTL stint, and the first few months of this stint, her stories have direction. They may not be good stories most of the time but it's usually due to execution. However, she never has issues with direction. She commits to something and goes with it. May and June had no direction at all. It was like ping-pong and I blame that on the Ed/Dena war. I can't even say Corday because it didn't feel like his type of interference. It felt more like a show in disarray.
Exactly. Itīs one thing if someone doesnīt like the stories and/or characters she choices to write for, but itīs completely different thing when some rules from screenwriter basics are suddenly totally missing. I agree the show lately has a feeling of someone trying to put together exciting and quick paced show but not knowing how to do it properly and Dena süre didnīt have any trouble with pacing and editing during the strike or when Ava was first introduced and kidnapped Hope and Steve. So whatever Ed did, it didnīt help.
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