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Sep 3 2008, 09:44 AM
You make some great points. Higley has a habit of dragging things out just a little too long, to the point no one cares any more. There's a fine line between building the suspense and hooking your audience or losing them due to boredom and she doesn't know where that line is. My biggest problems with her are pacing and the lack of a proper pay-off. Most of her stories have ended with a whimper instead of a bang--the Kate/Daniel reveal, Ava, Max's rages, even Nicole's big secret, which was talked about and built up for weeks and was finally revealed in a very lackluster way. She has to learn to write her stories in a way that makes people care and want to tune in each day or she's never going to win people over. Some of her stories have promise at the beginning, but she bores us to tears with the repetition and lack of movement, only to rush the end.

I also don't know who's responsible for the material we're seeing right now, but whoever it is put together a Tuesday show that was a mess. I did enjoy the Stefano confrontation at the end of the show, but other than that, it seemed like random scenes were just thrown together, with no real thought or direction. Hopefully, it won't continue that way for long. Maybe the new EP will help, maybe the new co-HW will help, but something needs to happen...and I agree, it needs to be soon.
I agree that, on paper, many of Higley's ideas have sounded pretty good. Bo's illness, Ava's obsession, Max's father, NuJohn, the Kiriakis/DiMera dock wars, all had loads of potential, but the execution ranged from awful to mediocre at best. The stalling and repetition turn people off of the best conceivd storylines, and then when you do suffer all the way through a storyline and get absolutely no payoff for it, it only increases the irritation levels.

I agree with you but thatīs the point. I donīt know what exact position Higley had in Reillyīs writing team but her name was always first after Reilly in the credits so I donīt think she was just one from many. Of course she knows something about draging things too much. But the scenes might had been repeating and the story had been slow but the direction was clear. Now itīs just contrary. We have important stuff appearing literally out of nowhere and rushing things beyond reason. As Phoenix said it really looks like there is neverending flipflopping between Ed and Denaīs vision, so what Dena starts as huge dramatic event, Ed suddenly writes out like as afterthought.

Well, I'd actualy disagree about there being any clear direction last spring either. The Ava story started out as an obsession by a crazy woman and turned into the "love" story of Patch and Ava that was much more about Ava being drugged than about Steve and Kayla. Bo's illness started out as a meaty story for Bo and Hope and turned into a story about Chelsea. J&M started out as a new love story with John falling in love with Marlena again and turned into . . . well, something else entirely for long stretches of time.

Now, maybe some of those changes were because Ed stepped in. I don't know. Again, I don't much care. But, just as you don't like people saying "this is bad so it must be Dena, and this is good so it must be Ed," I don't have much reason to believe that Ed is 100% responsible for all the bad things that have happened since the spring. I'm quite sure there is plenty of blame to go around. All I hope is that things get better in a hurry.

ETA: I realize you aren't saying it's all 100% Ed's fault either. I'm just trying to make the point that, in my opinion, there were plenty of flaws with the spring stuff, too.
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