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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Kristen Renton fired!
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Sep 3 2008, 06:00 PM
Why does Days spend time introducing us to these characters... building them up... only to drop them in the snap of a finger?

Not that I'm complaining in this instance, because I really couldn't care less about Morgan anymore. But why did they spend all this time introducing her to the audience and even giving her relatives unless they were planning to use her for the long haul? Oh, I forgot... Days has no direction.
It's simple...rabid fanbases and the fact that you have had essentially 3 visions at Days this year. You had Higley's, Scott's and Corday's normal interference.

I hate this. The show needs characters like this. It needs more then just the Brady's, Horton's, etc. That is why the town is so incestuous. Renton can act. They built up a nice coupling between Philip/Morgan and now all the effort put into it goes down the tubes. I can't say I blame this on Higley as the dock story was seemingly all her and Philip/Morgan was a big part of that. I tend to think Renton had to do something. Maybe it was her comment about the tension or maybe she was one of those involved in the scandal. I really do think Renton got a contract because of Ed Scott. She came on when he started and, while sometimes Days listens to fans on keeping people who do well, I do think Ed pushed for her to stay. It fits with how she got a contract and did nothing until Spring.

It's a shame because I get this sense Burnett may be the other actress out and I like her. I hope it's Nadia. I really do. The fact that Renton was fired and she stays is just dumb IMO. Getting rid of talent and throwing so much away just to please Phloe fans (which I think was a big part of this) is just a waste. They aren't even a big fanbase.All the new characters with potential are now gone. Ava, Morgan, Paul (since Morgan is gone), and I'm sure Daniel will be gone soon. Why bother? I don't even blame Days because, in alot of ways, fans force their hand when it comes to new characters. New characters take time to get used to. Sometimes it takes years. Think about Nicole. She sucked early on but came into her own after a few years. Some fans just aren't willing to give new characters a chance and it's a shame because this show needs new blood in the worst way.

As for else is out, like I said I believe it may be Burnett but I can also see it being Nadia. I kind of hope it is. Take Philip in a whole new direction. As for the beloved vet, as others said, that may be subjective. They did say the beloved vet is on the bubble and not necessarily out. I have to wonder if that tidbit is related to the rumored "diva," since she would classify as a vet and, given her real life situation and lack of airtime of late, I can see it.

As much as I like Morgan, I guess it's better her then others and the fact that Days is cutting tells me they are all but renewed since there wouldn't be a need if they weren't. I'm kind of upset they are simply shipping Morgan to Chicago. At least give her a good sendoff. It honestly makes me feel like half the shit in the fall previews will end up being changed since Morgan was supposed to be in big story and part of a catastrophic event. Why not just kill her or something in that event?

Days had been too quiet for two weeks so I guess another hot topic was needed :laugh: .
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