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EJ tries to stop Sami from kidnapping Allie this week, but she's arrested in spite of his best efforts. James Scott discusses the custody situation that leads Sami astray - and leaves EJ fed up.

SOW: Sami's beside herself over Lucas being granted joint custody of Allie. Does EJ try to calm her down?

JS: EJ tries to talk her out of getting upset. On one occasion he says, "Is it the worst thing in the world sharing custody of your daughter with her father?" EJ doesn't think it's such a big deal.

SOW: Does Sami press EJ to try to do something legally to stop this?

JS: Yes, and he's tried, but Lucas filed for joint custody and won. There's nothing EJ can do, which is pretty surprising. EJ was able to stop a triple murderer (Ava) from being extradited to Ireland by bribing judges, but in a baby custody case, he's out of step.

SOW: When Lucas arrives to take Allie, EJ helps Sami hand the baby over. Does he comfort Sami afterward?

JS: Not particularly, but EJ is empathic to her position.

SOW: Later, Sami finds EJ with Nicole and flips because he's not out looking for their daughter. How does he react to her manipulation?

JS: Sami tries to manipulate him? What a surprise! EJ sets Sami straight. He says, "That's a bit rich, don't you think? Suddenly, now that it suits you, it's 'our' daughter."

SOW: Sami and Nicole start bickering, which leaves EJ to erupt. What does he say?

JS: EJ tells them both to bugger off. He's had enough. He tells Nicole he's not there to fix her problems, and he tells Sami he's not there to fix hers, either. He's got his own sh-- to deal with. His father has come back from the dead, causing huge problems. You can't compare that to having to share custody of a baby with the natural father. Boo-hoo. Get over it!

SOW: Of course, Sami doesn't, and heads to the Horton cabin, where Lucas has taken Allie. What happens next?

JS: EJ figures out where Sami had gone when he's looking for the bear Allie left behind and discovers it's gone. He realizes Sami must have picked it up. The only reason she would have picked it up would be to take it to Allie at the cabin. EJ heads there and finds Sami holding Allie. It appears for all intents and purposes that Sami is looking to take her daughter away. EJ does what anybody would do; he tells Sami to put the baby down and leave, otherwise this is going to get ugly.

SOW: Things do get ugly when Lucas walks in, and then the cops arrive and arrest Sami for breaking a court order. What does EJ do?

JS: There's nothing EJ can do. The police turn up. End of story. EJ lets them get on with their job. There's no recourse. Sami has been caught red-handed. Whether she intended to take Allie or not, it doesn't really matter. She's incriminated herself by virtue of being at the cabin and holding the baby. Clearly, (taking her) was motivation for being there.

SOW: Is EJ feeling like Sami has gotten her just desserts?

JS: EJ told Sami what was going to happen. He warned her not to do this and explained there would be consequences. Then she goes and does it. EJ is not going to run around getting Sami out of trouble anymore. She gets in trouble. Good. She gets arrested. Good. Maybe she'll grow up and realize she can't keep acting like she rules the bloody world.
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