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Everything about this seems back-asswards. I love EJ and Sami, but this just seems so... off. I don't know how else to describe it. It's not their dynamic at all, and Sami kidnapping Allie from the "threat" of Lucas (HAH!) seems really forced. And how does holding her own daughter "incriminate" her for kidnapping? And why can't EJ bribe the judge? And what's with Sami's desperation - it's not SOLE custody, it's JOINT custody. Wouldn't it have made better sense if it was sole custody? I mean, she had joint custody of Will with Lucas for years. What's the big crisis?

I guess this just left me with a lot of questions... a lot of things don't make sense. But maybe it'll play out better on screen. I shouldn't jump to conclusions until the air shows.
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