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Stefano makes a personal power play this week; he asks Kate to marry him.

"Kate has always been someone special in Stefano's life," contends Joseph Mascolo (Stefano). "He started her out, got her off the streets. Stefano has a warm spot in his heart for Kate."

The surprise proposal is set in motion when Kate arrives at the mansion for a dinner date with Stefano, much to Tony and Anna's surprise. Tony pulls Stefano aside and questions his intentions for Kate. "Essentially, Stefano says, 'What are you, joking? You're questioning me? Shut up!'" chuckles Mascolo.

Tony and Anna stick around and "impose themselves on the date," grumbles Mascolo, who notes there's some trouble in the kitchen, so the pair volunteer to wait on Stefano and Kate. "Stefano apologizes and tells Kate they'll have to put up with these two idiots in order to have a fairly decent meal."

However, when dinner is over, Stefano gets Kate alone to talk, while Tony and Anna eavesdrop. "Stefano says he has some important thoughts he's like to go over with Kate," explains Mascolo. "Naturally, everybody thinks it's business. Then Stefano starts telling Kate how he respects her and feels about her. He admits it's not just business. It's much more intimate."

To Kate's surprise, Stefano proposes marriage. "There reason he does it is personal," insists Mascolo. "Stefano whatever time he has left on this Earth, he would Kate to be by his side.

Kate has her reservations - one in particular. "Kate asks about Marlena, Stefano's 'Queen of the Night,' and Stefano admits it might be time to crown a new queen," recounts Mascolo. "Kate realizes Marlena has always been his Achilles heel. She wants to know if it's just going to be her in Stefano's life or if he's still going to be playing games with Marlena. Stefano admits he has plans for Marlena, too, but they're different."

Satisfied, Kate agrees to ponder Stefano's proposal. "In his heart, Stefano wants her to say yes," says Mascolo, admitting his character does have an agenda. "With his children, Tony, EJ and Lexie, having been quite a disappointment, Stefano is thinking of terms of the next generation of DiMeras and carrying on the dynasty. And Kate is probably still capable of having a child."

Sure - she has six already.

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