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Thanks Jonny!

These sound really good. I particularly like the one about Max vowing to kill his father. I bet that ties into the murder mystery. I guess Stefano throwing the party explains Roman's cocktail party, maybe? I like that Philip is offering Lucas a job at Titan. Lord knows he needs one! I REALLY hope Lexie gets the boot from the hospital board....c'mon it's been a LONG time coming. Not crazy about Kate at the hospital AGAIN but we'll see. Now this is interesting:

Late breaking news:

This respected soap actor from a West Coast show is irked that a co-star, who is new to daytime, is already rewriting dialogue. "It won't be long until there's a dressing down," predicts the vet.

I wonder if the West Coast show they are referring to is Days, hmmmm......if so, I swear this show has more backstage shit going on than the 2008 Presidential Election.

Okay, I did some research on this guy Chic and he was also the costume designer for "Angel" and he was a costume supervisor on a couple of epis of "Charmed"..... I was a fan of both shows so I already have a biased opinion but I think he'll do well. :biggrin:

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