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I don't see why EJ has to be with Nicole if he's not with Sami.

I'd rather EJ step back period. Work with John and Tony to take down Stefano (no ulterior motive here on my part. :biggrin: ), keep Sami and Johnny safe, get perspective on his life. Let the stories progress, and see what develops vs. throwing him right into another relationship because perish the thought a single male is unattached in Salem.

I remember when John first came to town, all the woman being interested in him. I did think he and Marlena were a good match right away, but I remember wondering about Anna, Savannah, Robin, etc. Let the women of Salem rejoice for a bit in having a free hot man walking around!

I do happen to think he and Ali have great chemistry, and EJ reforming because of his love for Sami is important to why I like EJ despite his past. But with Ali having maternity leave coming up, a break wouldn't hurt, and if it's meant to be, it can happen when she gets back full-time. They could give them a wonderful return love story if things haven't progressed otherwise.

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