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Sep 4 2008, 11:16 AM
Sep 4 2008, 11:09 AM
Sep 4 2008, 10:57 AM
How is this out of the blue?

There were even hints last summer and fall of this happening. Stefano and Kate once had a relationship and they are still close. He gave her the resources needed to live and she clearly has an effect on Stefano. There is nothing random about this if you look at the history of both and even look back as far as last summer.

Joe had mentioned he was all for Stefano getting paired with someone and he even threw out Kate and Celeste as options. I can't see Celeste so Kate works well. It has major story potential and I can't wait to see these scenes. There is also spoilers about Kate and Lexie telling Tony to step away from Stefano and Tony scheming to use Kate to his advantage so my take is this is really building the Dimera power story well. It also seems like they are listening to Joe. Everything he mentioned wanting and pretty much alot of the ideas he had are being implemented onscreen.
I call getting out of a coma, calling a person that you know from the past but have not had real contact with in ages, and proposing to them after one date, 'out of the blue'.

If they had them getting reacquainted a bit first, I wouldn't.

They may have a history, but I can't recall them even being in a scene together in a long time, and I don't recall him seeming enamored with her in the past.

To me it is 'out of the blue'. If it's not to you, that's fine.

See, you looking a this from a romance point of view.

He doesn't love her. She doesn't love him. He's fascinated with her and finds her appealing. He sees her as someone who can help the Dimera legacy and I think Kate sees a chance at power again and setting herself up for life. She would have to make sacrificves but it's not like most of Salem adores her or anything.

We saw them reconnect last summer. That was more out of the blue then this. At least now you can kind of build off last summer and fall. There is no need to have some long drawn out phase of rediscovering each other. They did that last year. It's not like they are building up a future supercouple :laugh: .
I always try to look at things from a Romance point of view. :)

Honestly, I can never predict Kate, so I don't even try. I can't imagine anyone wanting to marry Stefano, but if anyone would, it would be Kate by mere fact that I'm not surprised at what she'll do.

But from a practical view, I guess I just don't see him needing Kate. If he wants more children, she is not a good choice. He may have given up on Marlena, but he strikes me as thinking he's romantic. Marrying someone and putting them in line for half his 'dynasty' just for a business partner just doesn't seem like Stefano to me. As crazy as he is, I think he does feel deeply (if not obsessively) for his women. I just don't see him risking any part of his empire on a business partner.

Though maybe he doesn't think it's a risk because he'll have her killed or carted off to an insane asylum or something vs. giving her a divorce, lol.

Jmo though. I've always loved to hate Stefano because he's so evil but oddly loveable at the same time.

I enjoyed your comments. We'll have to see what happens as the story progresses. The cast is great, so I'm still hopeful of great stories, just very fearful of Higley.
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