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Drake Hogestyn, who plays soulmate to Marlena on the beloved NBC soap, will chat with fans and sign autographs at the KGET Channel 17 Health & Safety Fair 2008. The event features screenings for blood pressure, glucose levels, depression and other conditions as well as demonstrations in yoga, gymnastics and more.

Here’s some of our chat with the man in Black.

What keeps you on the soaps?

I think my character is probably the most interesting character in all of daytime. I’ve worked with the most fabulous actresses in all of L.A. The shifts in my character. I’m just very emotionally attached to and passionate about my character. In all my scripts, they look like chicken tracks. I just make analogies, sidebar notes, I try to break down every single line and nuance and delivery to get the most out of the scenes that I can and not just highlight the words and go there and mail it in. You can’t do that.

Describe these actors in one word. Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans).


Peter Reckell (Bo Brady).

A combination of outdoorsman- greensman. He’s Mr. Green, environmentally sound.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady).

Huggable. Unpretentious ... beautiful inside and out.

Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady).

I just gotta say my daughter.

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera).

Complex, extraordinarily complex, fabulous man/actor.


John and Marlena 4eva
In high school I tried desperately to resist “Days of our Lives.” But I succumbed, right around the time the devil possessed Marlena and threatened to tear asunder daytime’s top supercouple. (John and Marlena, of course.) Total classic.

The man who plays the poor doc’s soulmate, Drake Hogestyn, will be at the Rabobank Convention Center Saturday for the KGET Channel 17 Health & Safety Fair. Hogestyn will take part in a 30-minute Q&A at 10 a.m. followed by an autograph-and-photo session and again at 1:30 p.m. with autographs at 2 p.m.

I got to chat with him today. He’s a talker and down-to-earth, so the meet-and-greet should be fun.

Here’s more with Drake:

What’s your favorite storyline of all time?
I think in the course of 23 years I have referred to myself at one point or another with 12 different names.

The storyline where Isabella died. She had pancreatic cancer -- it’s fast, deadly, you’ll be gone in six weeks. I wasn’t Roman anymore. John was going to save her at all costs through the medical field. Two weeks of that didn’t work. He tried two weeks of voodoo and witchcraft to save her. That didn’t happen. The last two weeks the girl was gonna die and it was probably the most powerful two weeks, emotion-wise, for an actor. And there were a lot of breakthroughs personally as an actor to play that deep of a storyline.
This latest incarnation of John Black, he finds out his real name is Ryan DiMera. He’s half DiMera, half Brady. He’s half light, half dark, half good, half bad. Stefano had him killed, run over by a car, and brought together by evil scientist Rolf, who had been waiting years to put a pawn together with the technology today.

John is half-baked right now. He’s short-circuiting a bit.

I started from the basics. I had 12 character traits I wanted to apply to him, you know, unpredictable, emotionally void, and when you start working for those areas and growing because he’s emotionally void, he can say anything he wants to say to you because he can’t possibly hurt your feelings. And a lot of comedy came out of that. His diction, cadence, his speech patterns are different. He’s not given to verbosity. If you ask him a question, he’ll turn around and glean information from you. His dress is different. He wears his shirts buttoned up to the top button and that’s a defense mechanism to keep away from people.

You also have to do certain things with the character to let the audience know there is still John Black.

When doing this it’s like the coal miner that’s trapped underground. People are banging on pipes to hear if there’s a response. And all of a sudden, somebody said, “Did you hear that?”

That’s what I want to give the audience, deep down inside there is still a flicker of humanity. As long as there’s a thread down there somewhere.

I used my granddaughter on the show, all the grownups, John Black had no use for. But the little 3-year-old girl, she got him. It became a huge success with the audience. He could tell her things.

Craziest storyline:
My least favorite storyline was the one that got my character killed ...

Josh Taylor and Wayne Northrop (who both played Roman) ... you had three Romans together in the storyline with Marlena and at one point all three Romans are crowded around Marlena and saying, “I love you, Marlena,” “I love you, Marlena,” “I’ve always loved you, Marlena,” “No, I love you more, Marlena,” “No, I’m the one who loves you most.”

The sound you hear is everyone turning the show off. It’s the death knell for the characters. They’re looking at the show saying, “My God, they’re all playing Roman at one time.”

... I just had a corkscrew in my stomach through that storyline. I didn’t see any way out.

What kinds of off-the-set hijinks do you guys get into?
Not so much anymore. When I first started, there was a lot of that because the hours were very long. We got off at midnight, one o’clock and were back on set at 6 a.m. You get punchy, people breaking the monotony.

We’re on hiatus right now, but when we get in on Monday we’ll be doing seven shows in five days. They want us out at 6 p.m. and we get in at 8 a.m. Those are very full days. Just with the sheer element of no time, there’s not a lot of messing around. The actors come in at full attention. Our contract is up in March of 2009 and we haven’t heard yet about a pick-up. Everyone is rolling up their sleeves, putting their nose to the grindstone.

You might have to ask some of the younger kids. Sometimes downstairs it’s like a dorm room.

Describe Joseph Mascolo, who plays Stefano DiMera.
Let me just tell you a little bit about Joe. We’ll park side by side and we’ll get out and Joe will say, “Hey, Drake, I’m finishing up my house in Arrowhead. Come up and have a beer and fish.” I’ll say, “That sounds great. What did you do your house?”

We’ll walk into the doors of the studio and as soon as he walks in the door (Drake puts on the Stefano accent), “I’m going to take off the whole roof ... “

He walks into the studio and talks like this to everybody all day long. When he walks out the door (Drake gives Joseph his normal voice), “You know, I was thinking if the two of us get together--”

What a powerhouse he can be.
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