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”We have a lot of very dramatic twists and turns in relationships. There’s a lot of big story. I think that every character during the course of the fall has a lot of major events one form or another,” enthuses scribe Jean Passanante.
Translation: Except for Noah and Luke — duh!

WHAT THEY SAY: Jack and Carly redux!
• Jack and Carly grow closer when Brad implicates G.I. Joe in a scandal he created. Jack and Janet may not survive this ordeal, which involves Liberty. Shocker… not!
• Will Dusty’s return break up Emily and Casey? And will anyone care?
• Alison dumps Aaron before they wed when Chris explodes: “Hairy chest or shaved, bitch? Decide now!”
• Lucinda is Oakdale’s hottest cougar when Brian makes her his bitch.
• Henry’s life is turned upside down thanks to James. Look for a new character named Derek to be a catalyst in this story.
• Will Meg carry her baby to term? Let’s hope not.
• Stop the presses: Luke and Noah face their biggest challenge ever: their second year of college!
• A Snyder family tragedy rocks Oakdale to its core!

WHAT I SAY: Martha Byrne is back as… Rose!
• Martha Byrne returns as Rose!
• Noah and Luke decide to leave Oakdale when they perfect a fabulous drag act! Later, Noah realizes: “I’m straight, ‘yo!” Luke suffers a nervous breakdown when he realizes Liberty and Lucinda get more action than he does and he becomes a Rev. Phelps disciple. ATWT fans flock to Night Shift. Or watch Passions re-runs.
• Damian returns to win Lily’s heart — and wins it. Later, he bangs Oakdale’s biggest slut, Carly. Poor Lily!
• The writers penning the sensational Carly-Holden-Lily and Emily-Chris-Margo storylines are forced to write the rest of the show and Irna Phillips finally rests in peace



Thie reminds me when Soap Opera Weekly would do previews.
"What they say,What we say and in Our Wildest Dreams."

That was when I looked forward to reading SOW!
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