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Here Here Shiningstar!
I wish I had as much nerve as you for calling people on thier shhhhhhhht! You get what you give, or so the saying goes. Perhaps if the mods over at NBC took more time to understand, question, probe, and use their general online faciliation skills to get the most out of posters and their posts...rather then to assume, judge, and delete, more posters would be in support of the work that they do over at the NBC site. More importantly few people would be discontent with the treatment and overall attitude.

My measure of a person and their worth is the way that they treat others, and most importantly how they actively listen to the subtext of what a person is saying. Few people are as articulate as some of the politicians that we see on our telly's, so it is important to give people the benefit of the doubt before we castigate them to the thread of never never land.

That being said you are my personal hero for today.
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