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Sep 4 2008, 06:07 PM
Although for the most part I'm not enjoying the autiism storyline, today's scenes were very good. Renee Jones was fantastic today and for the first time I felt an emotional tug from this story. Abe's line to Lexie about how she wanted hugs and "I love you"s from Theo but she might never get them and her reaction were very moving. I loved her fantasy about sitting in the sand with Theo, playing, and he looked at her and smiled and said "I love you, Mommy"...something most moms take for granted but Lexie may never experience with her son. Good stuff.

I don't know how EJ and Tony are planning on pulling off this Dimera coup, but I'm enjoying the scenes anyway. I'm such a Stefano fan I think he could probably read the phone book and I'd be happy...just as long as he kept rolling those R's! I'm really enjoying this version of Tony. The past few years he's either been too good or too bad; he should be a mix. Same with EJ. They both work much better in shades of gray.

I don't much care for Trent so his breakfast with Marlena was kind of blah, but I liked Nicole and John. Best line of the day was from John to Nicole "Whoa! Don't touch the hair!" Second best line--because I think it pretty much sums up the thoughts of most viewers--was from EJ to Nicole when he said he really didn't know what was going on with him and Samantha. The problem is NO ONE, not even the writers, seem to know what's going on with EJ and Sami.

If anything else happened today, I don't remember it. But overall the show was pretty good today; much better than Tuesday and Wednesday.
I agree with everything here.

Someone asked about the tantrum. It was really down played in the show. The difference is that children with autism have major temper tantrums, that can last for hours, over something that you couldn't even imagine getting upset about (i.e. you move a car out of his line up and it upsets him). Sometimes you never are able to figure out what caused the tantrum to begin with.

EJ kind of irritated me today with Nicole. I hope he doesn't play her/string her along. I like how Nicole called him out right away "keeping your options open?" :D EJ finally gets his a shot with Sami, and suddenly he no longer wants to try to reach for the golden ring? *sigh* I don't even like EJami, I prefer EJole, but I am just so tired of the never ending triangles.
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