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Sep 4 2008, 05:40 PM
I've loved this week so far. And that makes me wonder. Could this be Scott and the actors rewrites?

Everyone just assumed that the Olympics stuff was Scott's rewrites due to the vets being displayed and Stefano's return. However, if you remember one of Higley's blog posts, she said that she had big stuff coming for the Olympics. Maybe Stefano's return was part of her big plan. It fits if you ask me. And if you also ask me, everything that took place during the Olympics reeked of Higley IMO. So I'm going to go on thinking that the Olympic stuff was all Higley, and now, we're getting into Scott's rewrites. That has to be how it is. All of these stories are coming together and they're being written, sort of like Hogan's team used to, with the storylines interweaving with each other, something that was a huge staple on Y&R. This has to be Scott's stuff.

And if you remember, when news broke out weeks ago, it was said that the rewrites would take 6-8 weeks to air. It's been about 6 weeks since that news broke out, meaning the Olympics stuff would have been too soon to be the rewrites.

So that makes me worried. I'm finally enjoying DAYS, but with news that Higley's staying, I'm worried that her boring drab writing will return. What to do?
You could be right. It does make much more sense. We also know the next week is very pro Phillip/Morgan, and we now know for sure she was Scott´s favorite character, not Higley´s.

I agree the Olympic stuff was very plot driven and the characters very bland with Stefano all bad, bad, bad, Anna worrying all the time and everybody giving their speaches on saint Marlena behalf. Now it looks they are trying to show some nuances again in the DiMera scenes. But if you are right, it just means Corday did the right thing letting Scott go because people were much more excited with the Reillyisque stuff during Olympic than they are now.

As for the show, I´m really afraid to watch right now. I¨m afraid I will start to like some character/story which is already on the pink-slip list and be disappointed again. I thought there will be some continuity because Higley stays but it seems Scott was much more involved in the writing than we thought and who knows what else was his idea and will be now wrapped quickly.
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