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Sep 4 2008, 12:25 PM
Reading we are heading into another transition period I will not comment the show anymore. Itīs pretty much pointless untill Gary Tomlin and other new hires names appear in the credits.

I just hope now, when KR was let go, Corday will finally admit his mistake and bring back MM as his love interest. She can easily play a different character, maybe some Belleīs twin Stefano created for whatever reason, so his beloved Shelle stay untouched. Phillip/Belle were the only one couple in the non teen cathegory which really had it all and already started to create a massive following of their own. This show needs this kind of couple and if it means a triangle with Chloe bring it on.

Itīs time to stop all this more realistic, more character driven and more whatever nonsense and get back to what people really expect from DAYS. Good passionate couples with chemistry, a lot of romance and crazy obstacles.

Btw. I really hope the show will not fire Melanie too, because I totally love the actress and Nick will need some love interest anyway. The Paris also seems to be the only story at the moment which still is somewhat coherent and with a direction.

Excellent!! :hail:
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