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Aug 26 2008, 08:40 AM
While I do agree that the NBC DOOL board is a mess of a cesspool, it is waaaaaaaaayyyy tamer compared to SoapsCommunity (where the Mods/Admins bully and belittle you non-stop) and Dustin's former board (if you think the NBC DOOL board posters are rude and vile, YIPES! You ain't seen nothing!).
LOL! When I first began reading this thread I started to laugh. I was thinking to myself that it sounded more like the SC board than the NBC board. SC is much worse by far for favoritism and censorship, the moderators there are facists and you're right they try to bully and belittle you.

Some people wouldn't have gotten into trouble there if it weren't for selective censorship of the almighty moderator "G" and her favorite few who are allow to run wild and say whatever pops into their little heads and get away with it. But don't dare answer them back or heaven forbid get the best of one of the chosen few or you'll find yourself with a host of infractions or possibly banned and the favorites still roam free, saying whatever they like.

I didn't sign the petition I don't think NBC is all that bad, now draft one for SC and I'll be the first to sign.
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