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The best part of yesterday's show were the DiMeras. I absolutely loved that Tony had a backbone and turned the tables on Stefano and that EJ sided with Tony. The performances were awesome as was the content.

The Theo story is a big disappointment because so much of what they talk about could pertain to any parent and child. The scene when Abe tried to get Theo to leave the playground is one that plays out on an hourly basis in all playgrounds around the world. They need to be more specific but I get that its difficult to do that with a child actor. Lexie wondering about school seems legit but why isn't she also talking about what Theo's therapists have to say on the issue. I assume Theo is in therapy, if not, shame on Days.

Hate Marlena's giggling with Trent as if she were in high school and while I used to find John enjoyable, I now find him annoying.
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