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Sep 5 2008, 04:42 AM
How long is Daniel here anyway? And how can there be the Kate-is-sick but Kate-considers-marrying-Stef all at the same time?!
Simple. As Kate is pondering the proposal, she gets sick. Daniel and her bond but also learn that she has a tough road ahead and may not survive. Kate starts thinking about her children and how marrying Stefano she can make sure that they are protected from him and that her children maybe get some benefits out of it. In other words, figuring she will be dying, she decides to marry Stefano. Daniel is upset and tries to talk her out of it but to no avail. Perhaps then he can be her personal doctor and come to her at the mansion. They can build the sexual tension there and, at some point, they come together and have sex and Stefano catches them, angering him and causing some major tension with him and Kate.

That is how you can do both. Just an example but I really don't think this will be a mere plot point. The show really seems to be catering to Joe. He's gotten everything he's wanted so far and even his ideas have made it onscreen. He wanted a stronger Stefano. He got it. He wanted more focus on the Stefano/Tony relationship. He got it. He found it interesting for Stefano to have a love interest again like Celeste or Kate. He got it. I don't think they will be pissing off Joe this time so it's safe to say this will be something more then a one day or one week occurrence.

It should also be noted too that those Fall Previews aren't Gospel. They also said Morgan would be involved in big story too and she's been fired. We also know that others will be axed as well so that just goes to show you can't really rely on long-term previews. Things change and who knows what may have been Scott's stuff and what may have been Higley's. That is why I find long-term previews like that meaningless. They are nice to look at but alot of the time things change based on the fans or execs.
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