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Is AMC’s gain DAYS’ loss? Or the other way around? According to high-profile sources at the alphabet network, DAYS’ new co-executive producer Gary Tomlin was offered the head-writing gig on AMC “to reward him for all his efforts during the writers’ strike at One Life to Live, but he turned it down.” Why? Tomlin didn’t think AMC could be saved. Ouch. And DAYS can?

Whoa! That's something you don't hear everyday. All the time, people are talking about DAYS being a sinking ship and in the worst shape than most of the other daytime soap operas, yet we've now had 2 high profile names in the genre choosing to come over to Salem rather than the other ficitional cities of the soap world. Maybe DAYS isn't so dead after all. Obviously Ed Scott and Tomlin see something in the show.

[qote]As previously reported, AMC is preparing itself to weather a tornado this October. The stunt event will officially usher in head writer Chuck “Prime Time” Pratt Jr. into his official new post. Rumours suggest Myrtle and Dre are the likely victims, however, don’t be surprised if the victims turn out to be Babe, and Palmer! “James Mitchell [Palmer] is ill — and it’s no secret he wants to retire,” says a network source. “Jill Larson [Opal] is always visiting him to help take care of him.” As one of the best actors to grace this medium, it’d be shame to lose Mitchell now that his sexy on-screen son's back in Pine Iraq. Infectious newcomer Daniel Kennedy (Pete) is going to be a big star.[/quote]
I'm hoping the person that dies does turn out to be Babe, meaning Amanda Baker will be leaving the show. Then, when the writers are ready to have Babe come back, and Alexa Havins is ready to return to the rule, bring her back. Just make it so that Babe's body was never found after the tornado. I don't really care about Dre dying. And if Mitchell wants out, then maybe Palmer can be the one that dies as well. I'd had to lose Myrtle, but it could mean that Robin Christopher will return as Skye. Did Pratt like writing for Skye on GH?

A suspicious casting call has gone out for Josie, a rumoured recast of Lucy. With Grayson McCouch (Dusty) back on Sept. 24, the online world is abuzz that Lucy may be Oakdale-bound.

Lets not recast Lucy and say we did.

Expect a DAYS bloodbath, report setsiders. With new co-executive producer Gary Tomlin arriving, several actors are expected to receive a pink slip. Although one veteran will soon pack their bags, most of the dismissals will rid the show of their untalented younger cast (with the exception of Blake Berris, of course). First up? That Southern hair model, Kristen Renton is out as, um; whom does she play, again? Oh, right — no one.

The untalanated young are getting their pink slips? What! This is DAYS, right? That's such a great thing to hear. For once, we have an EP that knows that talent brings success and if they're going to be forced to display the younger set, at least they're getting rid of the dead weight, the bad actors. If that's the case, then Blake Berris, Rachel Melvin, Darin Brooks and the new actress that plays Melanie should have no worries. Shelley Henning, on the other hand, I'd pack your bags. HAHA!

the reel world, Stefano proposes to Kate this week, and asks the divine Ms. Roberts to be his baby mama. Wow — talk about being fertile. If Kate had a dollar for every kid she pushed out, DAYS would have a budget.

HAHA! Good one Nelson. But really, this better not mean Stefano wants to impregnate Kate. She can't carry children, damn it! Do any of the writer do their homework? Hell, Higley was there writing when it was made a big deal that Kate couldn't carry Philip. And with all of the female problems she's had throughout the years with her uterus, there's no way this bitch can have a child.

Speaking of Abbotts, Eileen Davidson’s permanent return to Y&R from sister soap, B&B is now being labeled “recurring.” WTF? What did she ever do to these people? Forget pimps — it’s hard out there for a talented and gorgeous actress on the Bell soaps.

WHAT! Ashley Abbott is a well established character on Y&R and they're only giving her a recurring gig? I mean, yes Tracey E. Bregman is only recurring as Lauren and she gets more screentime than a lot of the contract players, but still. What does Davidson have to do get some respect around the Bell shows?

Which much-maligned head writer may be out by the winter? Yep, that clue doesn’t really narrow it down, does it?

Dena Higley, I hope.
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