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As someone who joined this board out of frustration from the SC board, I would have to say DR is much better. I like to see others opinions and hear their point of view as long as they are respectful and somewhat valid. I think debates between viewers are healthy for the show. I get a little frustrated when some people tell me I have to watch days for the entire show and not because I love Jarlena but i can deal with that. That is someone else's opinion.

I don't post very much on the NBC board but some of the people on there are not as well informed about the show or its history and I hate to have a discussion with someone who doesn't know their characters history.

The SC board on the other hand only allows people to say, "I love so and so" or I hate so and so".
While you are not allowed to point out the fact that most people on that board who hate Marlena, also just happen to have loved Isabella and loved John and Ava, and John and Kate, you can make unintelligent and untrue comments like Marlena is an abusive parent or claim that she is going to hell for cheating on her husband 16 years ago! I hate that board. :shrug:
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