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This is gonna sound really uncharacteristic for me, but I think I feel sorry for Lexie. Yes, it's LEXIE, worst doctor in the world and the autism story is being written so not well. But I guess I can feel sympathy for her. She's reached what should be the height of her career, chief of Staff, but thanks to her crazy father, she's struggling with political job issues no one else would. Her husband, Abe, is resentful of her for knowing more about their son's condition then he does...and she can't lean on anyone else for support because Abe gets jealous (though arguably he has a right to be suspicious). Then you add in her son is having learning disabilities so now instead of fantasizing her son can grow up and be President of the US, all she can do is fantasize he's a normal boy.

Kate is coughing. No one coughs in Daytime unless it's something serious.

Maggie giving Chloe advice? Um, ok. Not sure where to comment on that. I do love Nicole though and stating she hired someone else to walk her dog cause she doesn't poop scoop cracked me up. She cares enough to pay someone else to do it.

Now onto Dan. Not gonna comment on Dexie, but I do think Dan should have been nicer to Hope. Not because Hope was right and Chelsea's business is hers, but any moron with a brain would know getting on Hope's good side would go a long way in fixing the relationship. Since Dan was supposed to utter he "loved" Chelsea but it was changed to "care" and now Dan basically shrugged that it was up to Chelsea now to make the move, I hope this is the end of Chan forever. It does seem so.
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