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I want to say that Friday's show had some serious editing problems...or the characters are bipolar schitzo again.
First EJ is getting cozy with Sami wanting to talk about the stairwell again...and mix in some Ali whining. Sami gets on about Lucas and Chloe being a big mistake (who cares), then EJ is holding hands with Nicole and telling her he can't get her out of his system, then EJ is back with Sami smiling at her while she apologizes for snapping at him which never happened.
Nobody has a clue what is going on with those 4.

It was neat to see Maggie/Chloe chat, although I didn't get if she was saying that Chloe was rebounding with Lucas or Lucas was rebounding with Chloe...then Lucas says that Chloe will be Ali's stepmom one day!!

Loved that Abe told off Dr. Dan for hugging on Lexie. I kind of fast forwarded through most of Lexie and Abe's counseling session because after a week, I am kind of tired of Lexie's "poor me" attitude. Sorry if that is rude. Just don't like the story at all. Too realistic and Days is nothing at all like reality.

Loved my nosy Hope trying to get all up in Chelsea/Dan's business. Thank goodness that Dan kept that shut. Wouldn't want Hope to know anything about my business.

It was a busy episode today, but I enjoyed it. I look forward to the end of the custody crap with Lucas/Sami - been there, done that and really don't need to hate Sami anymore.
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