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Sep 4 2008, 03:38 PM
Sep 4 2008, 03:30 PM

It has to feature new characters. And it has to try to create new couples. Otherwise, itīs all just dying. The biggest mistake this show ever did is they kept most of the vets too long and didnīt shift the focus in time.
I really don't know when that started either. Bo and Hope were off the show for years, and the show did just fine. Shane and Kim left and it was all good. Roman and Marlena were gone for years, and the show was fine. (FYI, I'm a fan of all six of those characters, so I'm not saying I want them gone... just pointing out the show has always gone on.) Sure, they were missed. People wanted them back. Hell, I wanted them back. But back then knew how to foster new characters, bring new characters into the forefront in organic ways. (I'd kill to have Charlotte Ross back as Eve Donovan... the original Sami Brady. LOL!)

At some point in the mid-90's, this cast suddenly got locked in, and nobody was allowed to break away or take a back seat. Everything was frozen, and it ended up paralyzing the whole show so badly, it's never broken free of it.

There has to be a way to organically introduce fresh blood while still keeping focus on the characters people have grown up with. Other soaps do it all the time. I'll never understand why Days is so "stuck in place"

Has any long-term character been introduced, since the aging of the kids under Langan, that's still around? I guess Chelsea's really the only one with any lasting tenure, and even she's not that long. The rest all seem to come and go within a year.
Good post. I agree and I also agree it has to happen gradually but, even then, most fans reject it.

The problem is up until the 90's people would come and go from Days so fans could handle it. They almost expected it. They saw the likes of KA, PR (even though Bo as a character never left), DH, SN, and MBE all leave. Drake was the only one who didn't. Now, many of these actors have returned and have no desire to leave. In regards to Bo/Hope/John/Marlena, with the exception of a few instances, they've had steady story since the 90's. Old and new fans alike were conditioned to seeing these characters often, along with some others. Thus, for some, it's all about them.

Let's remember back in the 80's and even 90's it was never about just one character or couple. Every fan watched for the WHOLE show. Now, regardless of writing, many only watch for certain characters and couples. Then you have some that want vets and only vets and some that have a hard time giving any new character a chance. Shelle were panned for years until they become adults and I think, more or less, people just got used to them. Ironically, I think the building of the new young scene led by Chelsea, Max, Stephanie, etc actually made Belle, Shawn, Philip, etc look more appealing. Plus, they got bigger stories involving the vets. It wasn't just parental bonding sessions anymore.

I don't think it matters how gradually it happens or how good the writing is, many will still reject new characters young and old. I've seen it happen on Days for over a decade now. There are many fans just not willing to give something new or fresh a chance and that is hurting Days. They keep going back to the same well and that well has been dry for awhile now. It's not about age. It's about the fact that many of these characters have been through everything you can imagine. I mean, it took "killing" John and re-inventing the character just to give John and Marlena something to do. You can only do romantic adventures and battles with Stefano so much before you find yourself repeating similar situations onscreen. Many fans box the show into a corner. They got all upset when their couple faces a conflict, whether it be in their marriage or something else. Heaven forbid a couple on this show have a realistic story or have their marriage tested. It's those kinds of stories that made this genre great. Now, Days can't do them because many of it's core fans want "lovey-dovey." I'm not saying all are like this but enough are. I hear many say they enjoy the angst too but then they get it and want it over. It's too much back and forth. How can TPTB decide what to do when the fans don't even know what direction they want the show to go in?

We have too many fan groups wanting different things and different styles. In this very thread and in recent months, some people are commenting on how Days should not do realistic stories. Yes, Days has sucked at social issue stories but that doesn't mean you shy away from them. Again, soaps were built on this kind of storytelling. The escapism came from immersing yourself in the lives of those onscreen. Some believe escapism is merely fantasy and romance but it isn't. It's about seeing beloved characters in situations we can find ourselves in. That makes it captivating. Seeing how they will deal with something. Hell, if it's something personal to us, then it's all the more captivating. I have a cousin whose adopted son is autistic. He's much better now but I've been showing her the last few episodes of Days and the woman was literally crying. I even got my mother to watch Days again for the first time in awhile and she was affected by Lexie's reactions to Theo. That is what soaps are about. That is the storytelling we need. Mix the realism with the romance, adventure, and fantasy. Mix all the elements together. That is the only way Days is going to make it. That and making the canvas fresher because Days is already at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to stories for most of the vets. Remember the 80's? Remember when Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, etc came in and took over the show? Well, there were couples before that who were pushed off the frontburner never to be back there again. That should not happen but that should put things in perspective for some who I know would say that was ok since it gave them their couple. Well, if one says that is ok, then it should be ok to do the same thing to today's couples and push new, younger ones.

Now, enough of that LOL. I have to catch up...

I totally agree with Drew on Thursday's episode. The Abe/Lexie stuff has improved immensely this week. I really hope it continues because I'm starting to care. JR and RJ were very good yesterday. That fantasy was a great touch and involving Steve and Kayla was good to see too. The reactions were just great and the actor playing Theo should be commended. I know many will say they don't care because this is Abe and Lexie but they are vets too. They are just as important and they have proven they can handle a story like this and have been deserving of good story for awhile now.

I also adored the John/Nicole scenes. Loved the little mention of Pookie being fluffed. Ari Zuker just rocks. I loved John getting defensive about his hair and his being jealous. Marlena/Trent sucked but it won't last long so who cares LOL.

The Dimera stuff was great. Joe is just rocking, as are James and Thaoo. The construction mentions intrigued me. I wonder if we may see some new and different areas of the Dimera mansion. Interesting. I agree with Drew again on the Tony/Stefano relationship. They have hit it perfectly. Tony hates what his father dies and hates what his father has done to him yet he still feels a pull to please him. He still is drawn to him yet he wants to bring him down. Just great stuff.

I have to agree with Drew again on this all being better then the Olympics stuff. Don't get me wrong. I liked it but it dragged and I like more characters being featured. This stuff is so much more character-driven and I really enjoy seeing good character-work like we've gotten this week...which leads me to Friday...which was another decent show (although not the sort of thing you show on a Friday...more suited for a Thursday).

The Abe/Lexie stuff was very good. I'm so happy they took the time to bring up Lexie's infidelity as it's something fans mention all the time. They have done a good job with the focus on Abe and Lexie's marriage. I like how they finally used the instances where Abe saw Lexie with Daniel to their advantage. Good scenes. RJ was great when she broke down over how they were talking about her mistakes when her son is not normal and she feels she has lost him. This week has really brought me into the autism and Abe/Lexie story. The writing for it has been solid. JR and RJ are my stars this week. I;m glad they are getting so much airtime and it seems like more is coming. About time. I can't wait until the scenes where Lexie goes before the board either. Glad they are being realistic about the lockdown and affect on her.

Hope/Daniel was fun in the sense that he looked nervous as shit around her. If it were Bo, he would've freaked even more LOL. Liked her being nosy again out of concern for Chelsea. Daniel was rude but he had a point...it is none of Hope's business. Chelsea and him are adults and can handle it.

I'm glad we have some buildup to Kate's illness with the coughing. It won't be as random as her condition in June. Having watched Monday's episode already, there is more of that, which I think is good. Liked her talk with Lucas about her interfering. Glad she is at least trying. I always like her skulking around like she was today. Her interactions with Chloe were funny and I like how Sami and her agreed about Lucas and Chloe, even for that brief moment. Nice seeing Mickey too and glad they are mentioning Kate's company again (they do it again Monday too).

I am enjoying seeing Maggie and Mickey doing more and seeing the Maggie/Lucas relationship get some focus. Her talk with Chloe was nice and I was so happy she mentioned Don Craig and Mickey's being presumed dead. Nice history reference. I also liked Nicole's appearance and her lines about Chloe needing a drink after listening to Maggie and the pooper scoopers :laugh: . Liked her saying Chloe and her were best buds and Chloe refusing. The little nod to that after they had drinks was cute too. Chloe saying she needs more drinks in her to say Nicole is her friend :laugh: . I did enjoy the little Nicole, Lucas, and Chloe moment and Sami getting all over Lucas about rushing things with Chloe. He already called her Allie's stepmother for heaven's sake.

Sami/EJ was nice in the beginning but the editing was weird. You almost feel like a scene was missing as Sami did mention snapping at him. She does that Monday though. Nevertheless, I think we are seeing a mix of Scott and Higley's stuff and that is why there are some laspes. There are none on Monday but the Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff had a few. The EJ/Nicole scene was nice and I'm glad she tried to push him to decide what he wants but, again, EJ was kind of all over the place. They really need to have EJ go one way or the other and have the other woman react to that because the ping pong game he is playing with both Sami and Nicole is getting lame. Monday actually helps me understand why he seems to change his mind about Sami alot but still. He's stringing along Nicole. The ending was good with the joint custody reveal. Nicole's smiling was funny. It's so in character for Sami to go nuts about this. Ali had glasses on today, which usually means she has a cold or something. I remember her saying that. I think she wears contacts or something.

All in all, this was a solid week despite this awkward transition. September is seeming like a major transition month as the backstage upheaval begins to work it's way out. I just hope the rest of the month is as good as this week. Monday's is very good too and full of vets so I'm pleased so far.

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