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Sep 5 2008, 08:37 PM
And the show is right back where it was :shame:
And it was expected, regardless of the writing, who was on, etc. I mean, Days was decent last week so it's not like the show completely showed down. It moved alot of story last week.

I keep telling people these numbers aren't changing. They are past that. You can change whatever you want about the shows. It just isn't happening and TPTB know it, which is why they probably don't care anymore. The only increases come from big events and even those increases are minimal at best and then the show drops the next week. It took the Olympics for any show to have a significant ratings increase and I think everyone knows alot of that was simply the TV being left on or people just being hooked by the action and bolting when things calmed down. It's like I said before, today's audience is about the action. They want death, explosions, etc. The things that make soaps what they are do nothing for numbers anymore. The people who count in the numbers don't seem to care about the things we on this board do and it's sad but I think, more or less, that is why execs no longer seem to worry about ratings. I think they acknowledge them but the soaps don't seem to panic as much. It's all about the budgets now and I think soaps realize the numbers will only continue to bleed. I think soaps and television in general are looking at other ways to measure viewership now. They know people are watching online or reading spoilers or whatever. They know not everyone who watches these shows counts in the numbers.

This week has been horrible to soaps in recent years and I was actually expecting worse. I think September will be rough. It always is for soaps, as is October. Novembers seems to get soaps going again until we fit the usual doldrums of Spring.

One positive is that the 18-49 demo isn't too bad and Days did seem to do ok there.
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