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Aug 27 2008, 12:22 PM
National Enquirer spoilers

Lucas is awarded joint custody of Allie.

Chelsea sees Nick kiss Melanie.

Victor finds out the truth about his marriage to Nicole.

Stefano proposes to Kate.

Second Chances

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Bo and Hope share a romantic day in the park; John is surprised when he hears Marlena is considering going on a date.

Nick has a physical encounter with a thug; Nicole listens in on Bo and Hope's conversation about Trent.

Nick is treated by paramedics; Daniel tries to use Philip to influence Kate to get checked out; Chelsea discovers Nick is interested in Melanie.

Trent threatens to tell Victor everything unless Nicole gives him enough money to pay off his loan; Victor discovers that Kate was involved with Daniel.

Nicole pushes John's buttons; Bo and Hope follow a lead on Trent's wife.

**UPDATED 8/28**

Daily spoilers

Monday, September 8th
Kate and Lexie tell Tony to walk away from Stefano; John is surprised to learn that Marlena is considering going on a date; Philip tells Morgan he wants to bury the past and start over; Bo and Hope have a picnic in the park.

Tuesday, September 9th
Steve asks Hope for Trent's background information; Chelsea surprises Max and Stephanie by showing up in France; Trent admits to Melanie that he has been gambling and is strapped for cash; Lucas takes Allie and Chloe to the Horton cabin.

Wednesday, September 10th
Paramedics treat Nick; Melanie comes clean with Max; E.J. figures out that Sami is headed for the Horton cabin and rushes after her; Kate hears Philip admit his feelings for Morgan; Chelsea finds out that Nick is interested in Melanie.

Thursday, September 11th
Max talks about getting revenge against Trent; Chelsea witnesses Nick and Melanie kissing; Philip tries to get Morgan to reconcile over a romantic weekend; Kate admits to sleeping with Daniel; John tries to stop Marlena from dating Trent.

Friday, September 12th
Trent asks Marlena to have a drink with him; Nicole pushes John's buttons; Tony and Anna hear Stefano propose to Kate; Bo, Hope and Abe are frustrated by having to let Stefano walk; Bo and Hope make a discovery about Trent's wife.

**UPDATED 9/2**

Daytime Dial spoilers

Lucas is awarded joint custody of Allie.

Steve calls Hope to run a background check on Trent.

Tony plans to use Kate to get his share of the DiMera empire.

Lexie gets called before the hospital board to review her position as Chief of Staff.

Victor learns the truth about his and Nicole’s marriage.

Thursday – Chelsea sees Nick kiss Melanie.

Friday – Kate goes on a date with Stefano, and he proposes to her.

some of this a couple of days sounds worth my time at least...thanks for posting. i am almost feeling like just tuning in during sweeps months only...thats when the show seems to be better like overall not just one day here...one day there.
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