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Sep 6 2008, 03:55 PM
Sep 6 2008, 11:31 AM
...then Lucas says that Chloe will be Ali's stepmom one day!!

That is the thing that probably struck me the most as being a WTF moment in that episode. Lucas indicates that he and Chloe have been "dating" for a couple of weeks (whatever that means, because it's all obviously happening offscreen, which is not a good way to build up a couple that the audience will root for) and he's already telling Sami that he and Chloe are going to get married and Chloe will be Allie's stepmom? Talk about out of left field! I can only hope they're rushing things along so that the end will come even faster.
That was a jaw-dropping moment. I can't believe Lucas made that statement! He's barely ended things with Sami--the "love of his life" (BTW, I'm really growing to hate that phrase), he bangs Chloe in the elevator, saves her from an apparent life-threatening panic attack (sarcasm intended) during the hospital drama, and now he's making marriage plans? What????? I have never heard anyone say anything like that about such a casual relationship, and it shows Lucas's immaturity as a father. When you have a child and are considering bring a step-parent into his/her's life, you need to do things very slowly and make sure this is the right relationship for you and your child. I know single parents who have dated a person for months before even introducing them to their children, because they don't want to subject them to casual relationships.
You're not alone in hating that damn "love of my life" phrase. It ranks right up there in blech to me with "my one true love" and "soulmate". Ironically, I think the more a soap character is married, the more they use that term! :P
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