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Sep 7 2008, 07:29 AM
I always see people complaining that Days doesn't show romantic/sexy (whatever) scenes with the older characters, but when they do people say ewww. Is it only okey when it's your favorites (COUGH J&M, S&K, B&H, COUGH)? Is it because actors like Joe hasn't had plastic surgery and he actually look normal for his age?
Personally, I think J&M sex is ewwwwwwwww. And that's not due to age, but just acting choices, as far as I'm concerned. Personal preference.

I love the love scenes with Steve/Kayla and Bo/Hope. I love the playfulness and banter. And, with these actors, it comes across naturally because of the chemistry and because (I think), the friendship vibe and respect the actors have for each other. (PR and KA's past disharmony notwithstanding. That comes from their immense professionalism).

LK really brings it to any love scene she does. She embodies the steamy, senuous love scenes. Ah, those John and Kate love scenes.......................my computer's melting already!!!

I think it's because Lauren can embody the liberated, sexy middle aged woman who is not trying to play ingenue, but shows that 50 somethings can still bring the heat. She just works well. And she doesn't overdo it.

I think these stereotypes about age are just tiresome. Doggone it, just look at them as individuals, not numbers on a calendar! After all, the loyal, dedicated, historical viewer is most likely over 35. So, yeah, it would be nice to have shows represent that hormones and reproductive organs don't shrivel up and die when they reach fourth or fifth decade! ;) Or even the sixth or seventh! :D
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