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Sep 7 2008, 03:09 PM
Sep 7 2008, 07:29 AM

I mean those that say they want scenes with older characters but really just mean their favorites, why don't they just say that? Fucking hypocrites are what they are.

As for love making vs sex, I don't mind either one. I don't want just sex but I don't want just love making either. And there's where I'm different from many other it seems, I don't want Days to be a Disney fairytale.
I don't feel hypocritical for liking the characters that I like and wanting wonderful romantic sex scenes between people that have chemistry that I love vs. wanting sex scenes between every older couple.

I honestly don't understand your point. People are going to like certain pairings more than others. People are going to want different things. I don't just want random sex. I don't petition against it or anything. It just doesn't appeal to me. I thought you were asking why we like seeing sex scenes between some older couples, but not all. I explained my feelings. It has nothing to do with plastic surgery to me.

When people post that they don't like J&M sex, it doesn't bother me. People have different likes/dislikes. I don't think everyone has to love them, any more than I have to love every pairing. I think that's pretty natural.

Are you saying if we like any sex scenes, we should like them all?

I also don't see why 'older' makes a difference to this discussion. It applies to young and old for me.

You are right, you don't understand my point. You think I'm pointin you out which is not true.
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