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I always see people complaining that Days doesn't show romantic/sexy (whatever) scenes with the older characters, but when they do people say ewww. Is it only okey when it's your favorites (COUGH J&M, S&K, B&H, COUGH)? Is it because actors like Joe hasn't had plastic surgery and he actually look normal for his age?
For me, I think it has more to do with chemistry and story.

There are only two couples I actually want to see sex scenes of. First is J&M, they totally hooked me with their chemistry back in 86. They were amazing in the 80s, 90s, a bit too lovey dovey in the 2000s for my taste. I'm hoping 'new' John will go back to 'old' John but not be so sappy. Regardless, I am deeply attached to them. The second is Ejami. I like their love story their chemistry. It's started feeling similar to how I feel about J&M.

I still love other couples, particularly Bope, Payla, and Tanna, but I honestly don't really watch their love scenes. I adore the characters and the actors, but their particular chemistry to each other never hit me. Doesn't mean I hate the love scenes, I just don't love them. I like them being devoted to each other, and certainly don't mind their scenes, but I don't look forward to seeing it.

Stefano, while cute as a villain, is totally unattractive to me as a person (personality wise, not looks wise), so no, I really don't want to see him making out with anyone.

I also want making love, not just sex. I'm still traumatized from Nicole seducing Vic back around 2000 because she wanted his money. I also didn't go for the summer elevator scenes at all for the same reason. It was just sex, no real emotion.

Then there is also the off the wall things. I never liked Kate. But then she helps get John off of drugs, and I was invested. I actually did love their love scenes, but I felt it was because they needed each other. They'd both lost their loved ones. LK is an amazing actress. She seems to just change for whatever the writers want to do with her. Wish they'd use her better, actually. I'd think it's just John that I like, but hot as ED was, I never liked him with Kristen. I understood him with Ava, but wasn't into their sex scenes because I never felt he loved her.

Nothing to do with plastic surgery for me. It's more about a couple in love that I love.
Yeah and what does plastic surgery have to do with sex anyways?I don't know who on the show has had any,but I do know two that have NOT and that is Drake and Deidre,I can state with 100% certainty that Dee has NONE whatsoever,anyone that says otherwise is just jealous,I know people who have met Dee and they say in person you can tell she's had ZERO,just naturally gorgeous and I guess it makes some irritated and jealous,its called airbrushing people they do it for everyone,even men,wheather its on a magazine or tv,now some on DOOL may have had surgery and I have my suspicions who,but I could be wrong.

I want MAKING LOVE,not just sleazing pointless sex too.
That's like saying Michael Jackson never did anything to his nose. Look at Deidres face and then her hands. If you think I'm jealous just for saying that, then that's fine. My point with all this was to show the difference. Deidre is around the same age as Thaao and James yet Abe and Lexie are "ewww" because he looks like her father. That's what I mean with looks and plastic surgery.
Deidre and Michael Jackson,yeah thats the same,Michael is the polar opposite of Dee,as I said DEE has ZERO,I read something a while back and a professional examined pics of her now and then and he said she is naturally beautiful with no work done and even IF she did have a little SO WHAT,there's actress's in hollywood much younger than her who get alot of work done,does that mean I am gonna be sickened and not watch their work,no,its nobody's business if they have or not,Deidre is gorgeous no matter what and I am not gonna stop watching Drake and Dee,a pairing I happen to enjoy just because there older than they used to be,what kind of person would I be if I turned against someone cause there older than they once were.

And yes it is Jealousy.
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