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I'm disappointed in ONE LIFE, but I don't think it's as bad as Nelson's stating. I do wish Tina wasn't played so comical and was played with more vets. I'm sick of the Marty/Todd mess and want Marty's memory back pronto with maybe Marty killing (or at least shooting) Todd in self-defense. I'm sick of irritating shrew Marcie, want her dead, Michael with maybe Jessica or Layla, and Starr deciding to keep her baby and her and Cole getting back together. Also I'm sick of Tess. The story's not being written correctly, Tess is dumb this time and is acting like Tess not Jess most of the time plus people that should know she's really Tess (i.e. Natalie) have no clue. I also agree that Sarah should be re-cast. Also the Mendorra story was a mess, that should've been on PASSIONS. ONE LIFE should not be copying PASSIONS. PASSIONS was canceled for a reason.
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