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As for the fam...
September 8, 2008

Well, it's been a while. As you may or may not know, there's been a lot of fuss going on behind the scenes here at DAYS. But the dust has settled and we're moving forward. We have some very fun story coming up and I'm really enthusiastic about it.

As for the fam...

Adelle went to her first day of 7th grade today. I now officially have all four kids back in school. Mark drove with Connor back to Florida and stayed back there for two weeks to make sure Connor was settled in. When Mark finally did leave him, he called me and told me how hard it was to set CK loose back in college. I was so nervous I couldn't breathe for a few minutes. Typical parent, right? Anyway, Connor's doing fine. He has started classes and is profiting from the programs at his college which are tailored to fit his needs.

Jensen doesn't like me to blog about her but she's doing great in college!

Helio was a bit overwhelmed by how many kids there are at his public Jr. High but he's handling the transition really well, helping the other kids open their lockers and gearing up to do some serious running in P.E.

I'm just getting ready to go pick up Adelle from her first day, so I'm looking forward to hearing how it went. She's so awesome. She's getting a new leg on Saturday with an adjustable foot so she can wear high heels. Isn't that amazing? She'll also finally be able to wear flip-flops. She's so excited. And she's teaching herself how to play keyboard. She just has those three little fingers but that doesn't stop her from typing on her computer keyboard like a fiend and playing Jonas Brothers music on the piano. And she's the only one of my kids who reads my blog. So... way to go, Addie!

Stay tuned to DAYS for some serious fun as we ratchet up the drama between Sami, EJ, Nicole, Lucas and Chloe.

And John and Marlena are far from over.

And... sweet little Theo who is played by the most amazing little actor. (Not to mention some high drama with his Mom and Dad...)

And... well, a bunch of other stories I'll talk about later.

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