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Sep 8 2008, 07:51 PM
More J&M is ALL I needed to hear. :D :D :D

Remember, triangle-haters-- Ali is going on maternity leave. They have to do SOMETHING...

More J&M-- that's what I am talking about! Did I say that already?

I thnk if she had mentioned there would be far less STAX I would have been even more thrilled.

But, I read what I wanted...

I know the Dansea people are all mad-- trust me, know the feeling. Wonder how Dena feels about it....

I don't want more J&M from Higley. She's making them Lumi. I never thought either of them would ever treat the other like this when they have their faculties. If John ever gets his brain back, she'll probably have him tear Marlena apart. 'Waste of time'. That's the reason right there he went for Ava. How many times is Marlena going to tell him that he's nothing or less than nothing?

I wish Payla were my favorite couple. When Steve was brainwashed by EJ, Kayla fought for him. Marlena is only fighting for 'HER' John back like she wants. If she can't have him like he was, he's not worth the effort. I honestly never saw Marlena giving much effort anyway. Aside from running off to Colorado, all she ever did was berate him about the disk and his memories and him not being 'old' John. She never tried to help him. She used to be a shrink, so she should have a clue how to do that.

I hate that Kate is scheduled for other stories because dagnabit, he needs someone who cares about him and wants to figure out what's wrong with him and help him vs. get her lapdog back. Isn't Laura out there somewhere? She should come back and take care of him like Marlena should have to begin with.

'Waste of time'. How apropos, that is what I think about Higley's Days right now. Every storyline is a waste of time.
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