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Glad someone started a thread...

Today was pretty good. Lots of vets and story movement.

I really enjoyed the Tony, Kate, Anna, Lexie stuff. This Dimera story is going very well so far. Tony and Lexie's conversation had a nice tension and foreboding feel to it. I also like the dynamic between Kate and Anna now. I appreciate how they are building up to this illness story for Kate. They do alot with that tomorrow too. It was also nice to see Anna/Morgan scenes. They have a nice chemistry. I'm glad they acknowledged Morgan's working with Tony before. The Tony/Philip scenes were fun too. Hope to see him become a part of the Dimera story too.

I did enjoy what little Lucas/Philip we got. Hope to get more. Sami/EJ was actually pretty good today. I'm glad they took the time to explain Sami's position and using her past with not having parents around and all the trauma was a nice way to present her views. I LOVED when EJ mentioned to Sami how she needs to just stop making things worse. He was so right. Glad EJ's schemes came up too. Nice seeing the twins too and I have to say the John/Sami scenes were my faves. I love how John supported her, citing how he knows what trauma is like. Ali and Drake were good in that scene. You could tell their real life feelings for each other were showing through. The end was good with Sami vowing to do something about the Allie situation. Sami is starting to act more in character. They have a ways to go but they are on the right track.

J&M had some good scenes too. Dee's acting was a bit off but I appreciated the way she presented Marlena telling John about her possible date with Trent. She was hesitant and it worked. I also liked that they used the old Santeen music in the first scene and that string like music for the scene in the third segment. I love those themes.

It was nice to see Bo and Hope have some cute scenes. I love simple stuff like that.

I've seen tomorrow's and I was shocked by how much I liked Lucas/Chloe. They felt real for the first time. I found them highly relatable and the rest of the show tomorrow is solid too.

I know I'm in the minority but the show has actually picked up steam for me since the Olympics. It was good before and during the Olympics but I much prefer seeing the focus on multiple stories like this. I'm enjoying the simple stuff we are getting, the great character interactions, and the balance is very good. I just hope it continues.
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