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Good stuff as usual, Nelson.

I agree completely with you about OLTL and also agree with Mulder and lolalot. The OLTL we had in May and June was not perfect but at least it was driven by emotion and focused on realism with some camp tossed in. It was grounded. Now, I feel like Ron is either ripping off past stories or stealing story ideas from JER. Mendorra, Rebecca...I mean Tina, the time travel shit (regardless of how it ended, it still was ridiculous), and now the secret room stuff which is very close to a ripoff of JER's story on Days. Plus, the Todd/Marty story is so offensive IMO and it's moving at a snail's pace, which doesn't help. I'm not saying a show should shy away from controversial themes or topics but this is a sensitive issue and the center of this story is one of the show's most famous plotlines. I just don't think you can touch it. To me, it's on par with if Days decided to bring Isabella back from the dead after she passed away from pancreatic cancer. That would be offensive to all those who knew someone or have that disease and it would be shitting all over history.

Y&R is really the only soap on fire right now IMO. It's going back to what it should be. Hogan and MAB are doing a solid job. Days is much better too IMO. AMC is getting there. OLTL IMO is regressing below those 3. It's just a mess.

I agree about your younger actress picks too except Rachel Melvin should be on there too.
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