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Sep 9 2008, 12:40 AM
Sep 8 2008, 11:35 PM
J&M had some good scenes too. Dee's acting was a bit off but I appreciated the way she presented Marlena telling John about her possible date with Trent. She was hesitant and it worked. I also liked that they used the old Santeen music in the first scene and that string like music for the scene in the third segment. I love those themes.
I'm watching it now and feeling bad for her because the writing is SO terrible for Marlena. It just makes no sense at all. It's not just that it's out of character (which it is) - it's like "out of storyline". It has nothing at all to do with how J&M have been written this year.

Oh and I noticed the Santeen music right away. Hate it. Why do they have to use it for J&M? Why not keep it for Santeen/Sami & EJ? Is it too much to ask for a couple to have its own music?
I actually felt like her acting was off more then the writing. Other then playing the hesitancy of openly telling John about Trent's invitation, I felt she was all over the place. Say what you want about the writing but an actor's job is to make some sense out of what is given to them. I love Dee but she is not one to always rise above her material. JMO.

Sure, this isn't how J&M have been written this year because it's now John pursuing Marlena and not Marlena pursuing John. Up until a few weeks ago, the push was on Marlena's end. That is why it's different. I don't think Marlena is necessarily out of character. She's taking control and I think, more or less, she's pushing John away because she's afraid they will hurt each other. They were in this push-pull for so long and she got hurt and so did he because she kept comparing him to the "old" John. She and others drove him to take extreme measures to define himself because of those comparisons. It makes total sense. She realized that her obsession with trying to get this John to be her John or to try to get her John back caused her to lose herself. That was the whole idea of them focusing on her putting Stefano in a coma. To show she had been pushed to do things that weren't things she would do. I think Marlena really wants to give him a chance but is just fearful of what they will do to each other if she does. That is why she is forcing the Trent issue. I think he just came along at the right time. She needed to prove to herself she can do this and try to move on and needed to prove to John she is serious but it's only on the surface because, deep down, she's hurting like hell. That is why I liked the hesitancy when she spoke about Trent possibly taking her out. It fit.

As for the music. they did alter the Santeen thing. It doesn't have the Irish flutes anymore so I don't mind it. They actually used it during some of the flashbacks at John's funeral in October. Since he is Santeen's son, I think it's ok. The show can't go back to the old music because I believe the good stuff for the supercouples was all done by Marty Davich and he is no longer with the show. It's definitely a budget-related issue but I do like the music. It fit the scenes perfectly IMO.
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