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Sep 9 2008, 01:51 AM
As I said, with the exception of the moment where she mentioned Trent asking her out, she played it all wrong. She didn't come off as strong. She came off as jelly. I wanted her to play it like she did in the scenes with Eve Plumb or even like she did in the hospital scenes with John and Roman. She seemed certain, defiant. She made up her mind and that was that. You could still tell she was hurting but she had more conviction behind her words. Today it felt hollow and that has nothing to do with the writing. It's all in Dee's projection and interpretation and it was all wrong. She played her far too weak and conflicted today when she's supposed to be strong and sure of herself, at least on the surface.

I get what your saying but are you forgetting what John did after they kissed and had sex? He celebrated, like it was a conquest. That made Marlena think it was about nothing more then him accomplishing a mission. It wasn't about what they were feeling. It wasn't romantic. It was just sex. It was almost like a young male who finds himself obsessed with dating and having sex with a hot girl. Once he does it, he wants to move on to another prize because the fun is in the chase. That is how Marlena felt. She made up her mind to try move on despite not really being sold on it yet and then he lays it on thick in her office. She gives in and, after they have sex, he make it appear like he has learned nothing. That's reasonable and I think is a valid reason for why she is doing what she is doing. She wants to prove to him she is serious about her decision, even though she still hates doing this. I really don't understand what is so bad about it because it makes perfect sense to me. I'm not a J&M fan but I like both actors and, currently, like both characters since Marlena is not all about John anymore. I see it all coming together nicely but, then again, I'm one of the few who has felt that way since the beginning. I was glad they also mentioned Ava today. That added alot to the scenes too.

I think my response to both of these paragraphs is the same, which is that the writing didn't support that John thought it was "just sex". He said the 'conquest' line didn't come out like he meant it to, Marlena agreed to go back to the mansion with him, he told her they made love (not "had sex"), and then they kissed. So, after that, any doubts that Marlena had as to his sincerity would have disappeared. That's why I think Deidre's playing it like she is, tearfully and hesitatingly rather than forcefully. It wouldn't make sense for Marlena to be forceful at this point. I think you even alluded to that when you said this was on the surface but 'deep down, she's hurting like hell.' I think that's what's coming out in Deidre's performance.

As for the "decades long relationship," this is not her John so I don't think that matters. I think she's come to the point where looking at him is like looking at a picture of her John. He's there for her to see and he evokes memories for her but it's not him.
Well, I understand what you're saying, but right after John slept with Ava, Marlena reminded John that she and he are married, and that his sleeping with Ava constituted infidelity. Now that John is basically admitting she's right, why would she take a whole new point of view that this isn't her John anymore? She hasn't had that point of view at all since John came back. She told him in the hospital that she's loved him for over half of her life, and that was after her conversation with Sam.
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