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LOL. Days has become my "5 in the morning sound to go with the exercise bike", so I didn't see all the first episode. (Gimme a break. I have to ease my way back on the bike after knee surgery! LOL). I had to stop about the time Lexie had her talk with Tony and Lucas and Philip talked.
I get a sense that EJ is getting totally frustrated with Sami. Now, whether that's EJ's exasperation or JS's exasperation at the writing remains to be seen. It still came across great. Tim is right. Little glimpses of the irrational Sami are coming into play here. This whole bit about Chloe being a monster? That's jealousy, plain and simple. I just had to laugh at Sami's list of Lucas's sins. Who in the heck in Salem, if you get right down to it, is REALLY considered a fit parent, if you dig into the backgrounds? Maybe Kayla.
Loved Tony and Kate, Tony and Anna, Tony and Lexie. Lexie is so watchable with others.
I would also have to agree with Tim about DHer's acting, but then again, I tend to think her acting choices are usually wrong. The few times I like her acting is when she is strong and solid and doesn't have the airy quality to her voice. The damsel in distress or wishy-washiness doesn't cut it for me for a woman who has been around for more than 30 years (and a career woman thirty years ago, not a teenager). I just get the feeling she's on this date to play games with John or make him jealous or to see how he reacts. But, then again, I don't like Marlena, so I may or may not be objective on this. I'll admit it.
Bo and Hope were cute. I didn't even notice the playground equipment. But liverworst? Blech.
I'll have to comment later after more bike riding, LOL>
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