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I thought yesterday was a total waste of time. I'm generally pretty easy going about the show when it doesn't involve destroying Steve and Kayla's characters, but yesterday was just all kinds of bad to me. It was boring, 99% filler, and just plain bad. The only moment I really liked was when Marlena threw Ava in John's face, but that had more to do with being shocked that the writers remembered all the way back to Ava. I think Marlena's about face makes no sense and I just don't buy that this is the way she would be handling this situation. It's another example of Dena writing the character to fit the plot and it's stupid and unnecessary.

Everything in the pub was filler except for Tony and Philip which was interesting but hardly enough to save the day. I hate the way they are writing Sami with her irrational opposition to joint custody. I appreciate that they referenced her screwed up childhood as some motivation for wanting Allie's life to be better, she's decided to focus on the least screwed up thing in Allie's life (the joint custody), instead of things like living in the DiMansion, NuJohn, Stefano, the fact that her twins have two daddies, etc. Everything about that scene bugged.

Bo and Hope in the park were cute. They do schmoopy quite well. But the schmoopy needs to be balanced with something substantive and today it just wasn't so I couldn't even get into their scenes that much. It was just a bad, bad day.
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