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I thought Monday's show was pretty good, with the exception of the Marlena scenes. I don't know if it's the acting, writing, or storyline that's bothering me--I don't feel like investing the time to actually think about it very deeply--all I know is that while I'm watching her scenes, I don't like her.

I loved Tony/Lexie, and I got a very foreboding feeling from their conversation. I'm very much looking forward to this Dimera civil war. I thought it was interesting that Tony approached Philip, especially since Victor and Stefano had their very friendly meeting last week. Victor/Stefano against Philip/Tony? Not likely, but I like to see things shaken up.

I saw shades of the old Sami today, and even though I hate the thought of another Lucas/Sami custody war, it's good to see her get fired up. EJ is clearly exasperated with her and is preparing himself for the worst (because everyone knows Sami isn't going to sit back and quietly accept this custody arrangement), but I like John standing with her and being her ally. This story does have potential, despite the custody do-over aspect. I like that they explained Sami's motivation and also why John understands her side, because Sami has matured enough that her typical selfish motivations won't work any more. Whereas in the past most of her schemes were because she wanted something or someone for herself, I do believe she thinks she's acting in Ali's best interests right now.

Bo and Hope's picnic was cute. They have such wonderful chemistry that even simple little scenes like that work great.

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