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Sep 9 2008, 12:34 PM
As long as we are nit picking things like how someone chooses to play a scene, or background music I must weigh in on the thing about the episode that bothered me the most that no one has mentioned here. I think it must be an unpopular opinion, but it is mine: When EJ was holding Ali and his phone was ringing and he said to Ali "Daddy's phone is ringing." Don't you think that would confuse poor Ali more than Lucas having joint custody? I know EJ would like to be her daddy, but, as of this writing (which could change at any time, LOL) he is not. I'm sure he wouldn't like it if Lucas did the same with Johnny. What a mess this storyline is.
I noticed that, too, and was a little confused at first but eventually decided it was probably an ad-lib from James Scott and he lost track of which baby he was holding or which baby he actually fathered. Ali seems to get more air time than Johnny so it would be easy for the actors to get confused, plus it's always a little dicey when you're acting with babies and they tend to get fussy or grab things, like cell phones.

As for today's show, I liked it a lot. I hadn't read spoilers so I was actually surprised by the situation Melanie found herself involved in and had no idea how it was going to be resolved. I like Kate's assistant Chris and am glad they brought him back; he's a fun character and better than some actors we've been forced to endure over the years. It did seem a little weird how we got Morgan's biography now, especially because of the news reported last week.
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