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Grandpa Hughes
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Sep 9 2008, 11:37 AM
I think Rauch is just there to produce the show, he won't have that much say in storylines, hello Maria's last name is Bell. If he walks all over her, she can just go to her husband and get him fired like she most likely did with Griffith.

He likely won't be there for long anyway, the guy is pushing 80.
From what I've read and heard, Josh Griffith was pushing his own writing agenda onto Maria Bell for quite awhile before he was finally taken to task. There were Bells involved, at least peripherally ,when LML was given free reign to ruin the show too. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who thinks that Rauch will be "hands off" with the Y&R storylines is, with all due respect, mistaken. I DO respect you, Y&RWorldTurner, and HOPE that you're correct. But every show this guy has been involved with has turned into a disaster going all the way back to the "Halcyon" days of ANOTHER WORLD. He simply is NOT a "hands off" type and I somehow doubt that he's mellowed with age. There are people who ADORED his and Harding Lemay's vision for AW which I truly believe was ultimately responsible for the show's long, long death march. There are fans of his run at OLTL where he did indeed bring his sci-fi GARBAGE(again my opinion.) to a show which had once been a gritty and socially relevent soap. That had, admittedly , changed somewhat BEFORE he went to OLTL. But after seeing the mess he made of GL while helming that show, I believe he loves the fantasy/sci-fi stuff that I loathe and which is the antithesis of what Y&R has always been! I saw a revolving door of writers at GL including Claire Labine made to look like hacks under Rauch's "producing". I remember him admitting that he was behind pushing Alexandra into the background because he felt that she was just serving the same function as Alan. The Reva/Clone story was one I could stomach and I thought it was wonderfully acted by Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman. "Cousin Dolly's" death scenes were poignant and affecting and that storyline introdued Victoria Spaulding. But then the Time Travel Via Painting fiasco was thrown out there and I had to turn the show off. IMO, if Rauch had known what he was doing with GL, there would BE no Ellen Wheeler producing the shadow of that show today. And I recall how he "saved" SANTA BARBARA. I'm obviously biased against the man, having had a bad experience via correspondence many years ago, but his track record also speaks for itself.
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