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Today was by far a stronger show then yesterday. I had to crack up a bit at some of the awkward dialogue. For instance them skimming over how Nick found Melanie was fine by me, I actually enjoy the younger generation story most of the time but I wasn't wanting to watch Nick lurk around trying to find her. But it was kind of funny how he "had his ways" of finding her. Of course, the fact that Stax had returned back to the hotel room declaring it hopeless while Nick not only had trailed her to the yacht and gotten on board is beyond hilarious.

They are not wasting anytime in declaring Trent a total bastard are they? He's right up there with Nicole's father (not sure his name) and coming close to Curtis and Duke. Anyway, Molly did a good job with her stuff today. At one point I think she went OTT but now that we know she's SEVENTEEN (sigh) I suppose it's reasonable to think a teenager would react to such a request from their father. The end, Molly was that horrified face down pat as she was watching them work on (shirtless) Nick.

Speaking of (shirtless) Nick, I see we have Chelsea all over him. I'm not against Chelsea chasing after Nick now at all, but I think she's gonna be rather surprised at just how much Nick is drawn to Melanie (hee, as bad Frenchie men notice those 'sparks').

In other parts of the show today, Date is still doing wonders for my enjoying SC who I nearly began FFing when they showed him staring at the phone pic of Chelsea. Sorry, that seems totally OOC for him, I can see Chelsea sneaking along and changing his pic (how I wish that was what she was doing when Kate's text came in).

I also loved the very short Kayla/Kate scene. I enjoy different character interactions and I buy it totally within character for Kate to walk out w/o being checked out.

Love Chris.

I don't care for Chloe but I did enjoy her scenes with the baby today. Glad a woman for once is not all gung ho in raising a child.
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