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I totally disagree about OLTL. I think the show is great right now. I am loving the Todd/Marty story and think Ron is a bold genius for going with it. I can't wait for Marty to realize who Todd is to her and the blow out from that. I don't see the story as a romance at all and that is not how it is supposed to be playing out. Marty doesn't know who Todd is and, at one time, was attracted to him and had consensual sex with him before she knew who he really was.There is no reason to think if she didn't know who he was again, that she would fall for him again.

I love the Tess/Natalie/Tina storyline. I think Andrea is playing Tina too campy though and wish someone would tell her to tone it down.

Now that 1968 is over the Rex/Gigi/Brody/Shane story can play out and I like where it is going. That is some good stuff there.

The big problem with the show isTalia/Antonio and Cristian/Sarah. I can't stand that foursome. They are so boring and the Mendora storyline was just terrible except for seeing Cain Rogan again.

John/Blair, Cole/Starr bleh. But at least it's watchable.

I don't think Ron is destroying history at all. He is USING history to create drama today on the show that the longterm audience can relate to. That is what soaps SHOULD do instead of the old lazy method of rewriting the past instead.
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