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I flove Chris. The guy is hilarious and definitely brings some fun to the party. I think KR was a little overwhelmed though. But, it looked like she was having fun towards the end.

The adventure in France was actually good, if completely out of nowhere. This smacks of a major rewrite of this storyline. There's been not a single clue that Trent has any kind of money problem that isn't caused by his daughter's spending habits. Plus, there was not a single clue that Melanie had any issues with her father beyond the "exiled to France" stuff. I have to believe this was a late change in the game.

But, despite the WTF? change in the storyline, it was good. Molly Burnett portrayed the fear and revulsion nicely. Nick made a nice rescuer. And, it certainly set Trent up as the scum of the earth.

Steve and Hope discussing Trent two feet from where he was sitting was stupid. Kayla thanking Steve for opening in the PI business and "letting" her cut back on her hours was ridiculously bad dialogue. And Chloe and Lucas bore me to tears. So, it was kind of a mixed bag today.
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