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Sep 10 2008, 01:32 AM
ight now I only have one thing to add. Chloe and Lucas make me sick. How can you call them a real couple? All Lucas does is jump her bones every 5 minutes? Can't he go 5 minutes without removing his clothes as well as hers? The worst part is his daughter is being subjected to this. BLEUGH!
So what else is new on a soap? It's not like this hasn't happened on shows before. They're at the cabin. They're alone except for a baby. They're not exactly my favorite couple, but when you're at a cabin on an island, and your own mode of transportation is a boat......
Actually, their banter was kinda neat. And Chloe almost showed some vocal inflection! Although it seems like her "unease with babies" is cliché, she pulled it off well. I don't think it's characteristic. I don't know if it was someone here or on another board, but I agree with a comment that Chloe was shown to be at ease with Claire. I guess maybe because Claire was older? Anyway.....
And, since I usually don't care for NB's acting, for me to actually stand up for her is rather unique. :P For both NB and BD, it's something new. And frankly, I think that's refreshing, for viewers and probably for the actors as well.
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