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Sep 10 2008, 01:38 AM
Today wasn't bad...I can see why some liked today better then yesterday as there was more story movement. I like the simpler things so yesterday was great for me but it's apples and oranges LOL.

Burnett did a very good job job today. Yes, this is an obvious re-write and I think it's obvious we are back to full Higley now. Having watched Wednesday's episode too, Sami and Nicole are both back to the way they were in Spring. Nicole is snarky and scheming again and Sami is irrational and...well, Sami. I think what we got today was Higley changing gears back from what Scott did and I have to say I like it. I don't care how they got to the yacht stuff by way of literally fast forwarding through the search for Melanie. I just loved upping the intensity with this Trent stuff. BB was very good today. Nice to see Nick be the hero. I appreciated the touch of Nick clasping his hands together before hitting the first guy since Blake has such thin hands. It made it more realistic. I also enjoyed seeing Chelsea back with the young set. What a difference...I actually enjoyed her today and also in tomorrow's show. Enjoyed Max too. I like the way they turned this story on it's ear today. The Trent stuff is really interesting now. This is the way it should've been. I have to wonder though...Trent is doing to Melanie kind of what Paul did to Nicole. With Higley's stuff obviously back, I wonder if we are going back to Nicole possibly being Melanie's mother. I'm ok with that now, especially since Burnett can act and they've established that Melanie is 17. It's realistic.

I did like Bo, Hope, and Steve working together against Trent and Nicole overhearing. Ari looked stunning today. Nice little Steve/Kayla moment too.

Lucas/Chloe was the shock for me...I enjoyed it. This is the first time I bought them as a couple. It was so nice to see some realism and I just loved seeing Chloe uncomfortable with Allie. It's about time we see a realistic conflict in a relationship and a boyfriend having a child with another woman is a good one. Sure, Chloe handled Claire well but Claire was also older. Allie is just about a year old. I really enjoyed these scenes and was surprised that I even enjoyed tomorrow's scenes with them too.

Kate/Kayla was a present surprise and I really like how they are slowly working Daniel more into Kate's life. Glad they are really building up to this Kate illness story. I also adored Chris. I liked him much better in this role then when he was simply a random person in the gym with Sami. I hope they keep him around. He's fun and was great with Morgan. Renton looked like she had a ball with him. It also was nice to see Kate smile while on the phone with Chris. It's been awhile since I've seen that kind of reaction out of Kate. It's such a shame Renton is gone though. Watching the past two episodes and tomorrow's, they clearly were setting the stage for Phorgan to grow closer while Morgan works for Kate and has to deal with all the tension between her and Kate. There was so much potential there. Ugh.

This has been a good week so far and I'm loving the balance this month.
Tim, oh, dear, I have to disagree with ONE comment you made. :P

I'm still not on board with Nicole being Melanie's mom. For one thing, that would be too obvious, too 'been there, done that'. They already established Nicole's secret as being married to Trent. I don't think Nicole was in college 17 years ago. I GUESS she could have been, but it would be right at the beginning. Also, Nicole would have known or suspected Melanie was her daughter because, well, she would have been there when Melanie was born. :D It's not like a surprise paternity. I think now that Melanie has been brought to light, Nicole would have at least said something to Trent in their arguments. If she's the mommy, it would have been more offscreen drama, and this show definitely doesn't need that again. And, this soap doesn't need another pat "Your baby died at birth" storyline, only to have had daddy cart said child away. Nicole's smart. She would have added it up.

If they recont this to make her a mother, it would make very little sense. And, Trent is leaving and it's getting obvious his dirty little secret was him pimping his own daughter to pay his gambling debts. I guess, though, making Nicole Melanie's mom would give Melanie that family connection to make it easier for the character to remain part of the Salem canvas. Damn it, Tim, why did you DO this? :drunk:
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