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I'm thinking they might be referring to Rebecca Budig, AMC's "Greenlee Smythe". Rebecca's return was "long-awaited" by her legions of fans, but from what I understand, she only signed a "limited" one-year contract, which means that by the end of fall, she would be all but done with it. I love Rebecca as an actress and I enjoy her as "Greenlee", but I don't think that any of AMC's writers as of yet have given her character a really interesting or powerful storyline. And it doesn't appear as though they are going to either. (JMO.) With her hosting NYC's Fashion Week for Soapnet all this week, it appears that Rebecca is slated for bigger and better than things than just playing "Greenlee" on ALL MY CHILDREN. (On a side note, TPTB really "botched" her return with "The REAL Greenlee" ads, making her return more of an uphill battle for her, which it shouldn't have been in the first place.) Rebecca took a lot of heat for that, even though her only crime was taking a job that was offered to her during a long-anticipated writers' strike. She would have been an idiot to turn down work when no work was to be had for possibly months to come. Now with the strike long over, I think Rebecca should stop wasting her time with a role that seems to be going nowhere and go back to L.A. to try her hand in primetime and films. (She's already compeleted filming a comedy with Amanda Peet and Catherine Keener to be released sometime next year.) She's a natural in front of the camera and should have no problem getting more work. But I hope for her sake she gets out of soaps while she still has a chance before getting too type-cast. JMO. :)
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